106pgs. Drama.

*The Launch Pad Screenwriting Competition 2020 - Top 50

 *Academy Nicholl Fellowship 2020 - Semi-finalist

*Five mentioned on The Black List including the best of the week list

*Big Break Screenwriting Contest 2020 - Quarterfinalist  

*The Script Lab 2020 - Semi-finalist

*BlueCat Screenplay Competition 2020 - Top 3% Semi-finalist

*The Film Empire's Diversity Mentorship 2019 - Quarterfinalist

*Wescreenplay Diverse Voices Fall 2018 - Finalist

When a precocious 11-year-old aspiring violinist immigrates from Seoul to the states with her newly single mother and her troubled teenaged brother, each member simultaneously pursues their version of the American dream. But when it begins to tear them apart, they must find a way to navigate through the new world and salvage their family.



Comedic TV Pilot

*SeriesFest Women's Writing Competition 2020 - Winner

*Roadmap Diversity Initiative Oct 2019 - Winner

*Sundance Episodic Lab 2019 - 2nd rounder

*Wescreenplay Diverse Voices Spring 2019 - Semi-Finalist


When a cutthroat MBA student is stripped of her scholarship after being framed for selling illegal weed, this overachiever recruits a band of ostracized nerds to infiltrate Emerald Triangle's goldmine to make enough money to graduate and launch that sweet CEO life.

feature film



Feature. Coming-of-Age Comedy

When 13-year-old best friends and utter misfits, Taylor and Connie discover a global Kpop talent search is coming to town, they dedicate their summer to preparing for their lifelong dream in hopes of escaping their dreaded upcoming high school years and their erratic home lives.


Comedic TV Pilot

When an old controversial audition tape surfaces, a D-list method actress is fired from a long-awaited, career-changing role and must reclaim her shot at stardom on Dancing With The Stars.


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