106pgs. Drama.


*BlueCat Screenplay Competition 2020 - Top 3% Semi-finalist

*Academy Nicholl Fellowship 2019 - Top 10%

*The Film Empire's Diversity Mentorship 2019 - Quarterfinalist

*Wescreenplay Diverse Voices Fall 2018 - Finalist

When a precocious 11-year-old aspiring violinist immigrates from Seoul to the states with her newly single mother and her troubled teenaged brother, each member simultaneously pursues their version of the American dream. But when it begins to tear them apart, they must find a way to navigate through the new world and salvage their family.



Comedic TV Pilot

(In development with Kyra Sedgwick's Big Swing Productions)

*SeriesFest Women's Writing Competition 2020 - Winner

*Roadmap Diversity Initiative Oct 2019 - Winner

*Sundance Episodic Lab 2019 - 2nd rounder

*Wescreenplay Diverse Voices Spring 2019 - Semi-Finalist


When Carrie Park, a cutthroat MBA student is stripped of her scholarship for cheating her way to the top, she enlists the help of two other misfits in the program, Tom and Sai. Together, they attempt to infiltrate the newly legalized medical weed market in the state of Maryland. But what begins as a quick money-making scheme for tuition money eventually leads them to build one of the most lucrative app-based weed services in the country.

feature film



110pgs. Allegorical Comedy.


In an alternate world where vampires have been forced to live like and among humans, Lisa Candire, a once renown flyer among the vampire community,competes in a fitness reality show for the chance to be a legend again. Blood, Sweat and Tears is a genre-bending allegorical comedy exploring the minority experience through the parody and structure of reality TV.


Comedic TV Pilot

When an old controversial audition tape surfaces, a D-list method actress is fired from a long-awaited, career-changing role and must reclaim her shot at stardom on Dancing With The Stars.


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